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    Easy rolled candel


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    Easy rolled candel Empty Easy rolled candel

    Post  Admin on Tue May 31, 2011 7:41 pm

    Take your sheet of wax (usually beeswax)and cut it diagonally from the upper left corner to bottom right corner.

    Place the primed wick onto the wide edge of the sheet, leaving about 3/4" sticking out of the top. (The top is the edge that slants down.)Tightly roll about 1/8" of the wax over onto the wick, enclosing it tightly in the wax. Press gently, but evenly, along the wick to make sure that it is well surrounded by the wax.

    Roll the wick end of the candle towards the small end, keeping the roll tight and the bottom even. Gently press and "seal" the final corner to the base. Done.

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