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    Learn to Fan Dance


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    Learn to Fan Dance Empty Learn to Fan Dance

    Post  Admin on Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:42 pm

    Fan dancing is one of the most esoteric and specialized forms of dance in the dance repertoire. Some variations of the fan dance trace back to Korean metaphysics, while others are tantalizing cabaret varieties that have captivated Western audiences for decades. Follow these steps to participate in the fan dance legacy.

    Survey the different kinds of fan dance. Korea has one of the most ancient fan dances, which evokes the traditional metaphysical beliefs of the Korean Peninsula. On the other hand, performers like the 1930s Sally Rand performed a near-nude Westernized variation of the dance. Take a look at the different forms to see what best suits you.

    Get some fans. The fans can take on a number of different forms, depending on the kind of fan dance you practice. Korean fan dancing uses small, Asian fans while Western fan dances prefers fans that resemble angel wings.

    Learn the basic steps. An Asian dance instruction school can teach you the basics of Chinese and Korean fan dancing. The basic movements depend on a fluidity that uses the imagination to transform the fans into extensions of the body.

    Watch others fan dance. You can learn a few moves by watching Korean fan dance videos on YouTube or by watching old films of the famous American fan dancer Sally Rand. Watch these films carefully to understand how the dancer involves the fans with his or her body to exact the perfect movement.

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