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    Hole in the Wall


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    Hole in the Wall Empty Hole in the Wall

    Post  Admin on Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:58 pm

    This is one ofd them documentably period dances. The Source: Playford (1695 edition?); Dixon book 5, 9; Letter of Dance #3.

    Setting: A line of couples.

    A perennial favorite: hated by musicians, demanded by dancers. Danced by a line of couples, with actives and passives and all that.

    First couple casts off around twos, leads up back to place.
    Second couple casts up around ones, leads back down to place.
    First man and second woman change places.
    Second man and first woman change places.
    All hands halfway round.
    Ones cast down while twos lead up the center to trade places.

    The dance repeats with the twos moving up the line and the ones moving down. When you reach the end, wait out one cycle and then come in as the other couple. Some folks dance this dance with a lot of ornamentation, while others claim that it should be danced plainly.

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