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    Caramel Apples


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    Caramel Apples Empty Caramel Apples

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    • Step
      One: Select Your Apples:

      • Choose
        smaller apples
        - they'll be easier to make, easier
        to eat, and will give you a better caramel to apple ratio!

        • Recommended apples include:

          • Fuji:
            Yellow-green skin, firm, sweet

          • Golden
            : golden skin, firm, sweet
          • Granny
            : green skin, very firm, tart
          • McIntosh:
            Reddish-green skin, firm, sweetly tart

      • Store-bought
        apples are usually coated with wax, which makes it more difficult to coat

        • To
          remove the wax coating, quickly dip them in boiling water and then wipe
          away the wax coating.

    • Step
      Two: Chill the Apples

      • Chill
        the apples in the refrigerator until you're ready to start cooking.

    Step Three: Gather Your Equipment

    General Supplies

        • Wooden
          skewers or Popsicle sticks

          • You
            can also buy bamboo skewers and cut them in half.

        • Pot
          for melting caramel (and additional pot/s for any other melted topping/s
          you might wish to use)

        • Wax
          paper covered tray or baking sheet (for completed apples)

          • wax
            paper: you'll need this. You do
            not want to put your finished apples directly on an oiled baking sheet,
            tray, or serving platter.

        • Wooden

        • Whisk/s
          for melted topping/s

        • Extra
          bowls, if adding additional toppings

        • Another
          pot or bowl for melting chocolate, if adding it to apples.

    Step Four: Prepare Your Workspace

      • Before
        you start working with caramel, make sure you have everything ready and
        near at hand. If you scramble to get something while the caramel's on the
        stove, you risk burning it.

        • Butter
          your baking sheet or tray (or wax paper) so it's ready to hold coated

        • Set
          out dishes with any additional toppings you plan to put on the apples
          after they're caramel-coated. Common possible toppings include:

          • Nuts

          • Toffee

          • Chocolate
          • Crushed
            cookies or graham crackers (crushed cookies at the base of your apple
            can form a stand, so it won't topple over)

    Step Five: Get The Apples Ready

      • Check
        for firmness and bruising before using.

      • Remove
        the stems from good apples.

      • Wash
        and dry your apples.

      • Insert
        the wooden skewers or Popsicle sticks.

    Step Six: Melting Caramel Candies

      • Unwrap
        the candies from a 14 oz bag.

      • Melt
        them, over a low heat, while stirring in two tablespoons of milk, water,
        or cream.

      • When
        the caramels have melted into a smooth liquid, they're ready to use.

    Step Seven: Coat Your Apples

      • Now
        that your caramel is ready, it's time to coat your apples!

      • Dip the apples in the liquid caramel.

          • Tilt
            the pot and spoon caramel over the apples as necessary for full coating.

          • Work
            quickly, before the caramel cools and solidifies.

        • If
          caramel gets too solid to work with, whip in a tablespoon of cream over
          low heat until it's workable once more.

        • If
          using additional toppings, dip each apple in them right after it's been

        • Place
          apples on the waiting tray or sheet.

        • When
          all your apples are coated, place them in the refrigerator to cool.

      • Step
        Eight: Wrap Your Apples

        • If
          you're selling individual apples or giving the apples as gifts, you can place
          them in wax paper circles (once they've cooled) and tie off with ribbons.

    Additional Flavors for Your Apples

    • If
      you want to give your caramel apples an extra kick, here are a few ideas:

      • Flavor
        your caramel for an interesting twist on your caramel apple.

        • Vanilla
          extract goes perfectly with caramel; double your vanilla for more
          vanilla taste.

        • Add
          maple extract for a fall-like flavor.

        • If
          you're melting caramel candies, melt chocolate caramels instead of
          regular ones!

    Re-create a popular flavor combination:

        • Turtle
          Caramel Apples
          : Add a layer of crushed pecans and
          then a layer of chocolate

        • S'Mores
          : Add a layer of tiny marshmallows, then a
          layer of chocolate, and finish with a layer of crushed graham crackers

        • Chocolate
          Caramel Apples:
          You can always dip your apples in a
          second layer or drizzle your apples with milk chocolate, dark chocolate,
          white chocolate or any combination of the three.

          • Then,
            if you wish, add a third layer of crushed nuts or candies.

          • You'll
            want to use the highest quality chocolate you can afford.

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