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    Making Camp signs


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    Making Camp signs Empty Making Camp signs

    Post  Admin on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:57 pm

    Every camp should have a marker of some type to identify it. I like to use heraldry for my camp markers whenever I can.

    In this case All you need is a piece of thin plywood, a way to paint on the colors of your device and a wood burning tool.

    Take a printed Copy of your device and trace the outline on the back of it.

    Set that on your wooden blank after sanding it smooth. Trace back over the outline using a firm hand. This should put a light outlive of the device on your wood.

    Go over the outline with the burning tool.

    Paint or stain the wood to match the colors of the device.

    Allow to dry.

    Coat both the front and back sides with clear sealant.

    Attach hanging hooks and you have a camp sign that will add to the overall effect of your camping experience.

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