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    Impressive Persona?


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     Impressive Persona? Empty Impressive Persona?

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    When you are in any
    social setting there are key elements to consider when you want to impress
    others – a formula that truly speaks volumes without saying a word. This is the
    same technique that European nobility has used for generations to impress and instill awe into their subjects. It was methods like this that helped the
    aristocrats convince others that they were closer to divinity than anyone else.

    Now there is no reason
    that you can’t use these same techniques to impress everyone around you and get
    the full potential out of your characters.

    This isn’t something that
    you can only use when you want to play characters with money, fame, or those
    looking for glory; you can use these same key methods with every character you
    ever play. And the best part is that once you have learned the formula it
    really isn’t all that hard.

    Who knew that everlasting
    success when building your persona is only 3 steps away?

    • Ensure that your court garb is excellent
    to behold.

    The essence of excellence
    depends entirely upon the character that you are looking to play – a costume
    that is excellent for one character may not be excellent for another. They key
    here is that no matter what look you are going for you need to be sure that
    your costume reflects your character perfectly.

    The state of your
    costume, whether clean and crisp or dirty and wrinkled, says a lot for your
    character. Good quality fabrics and a clean look shows self respect and value
    where as a wrinkled dirty look with tattered clothing tells others an entirely
    opposite story.

    You battlefield garb is expected
    to show the signs of having been in battle…

    You know that your
    costume is excellent to behold when it tells the story of your character
    without ever having to say a word. The best way to portrait the story is to use
    colors, patterns and symbolism that is clearly related to your character’s

    Don’t be afraid to use a
    little stereotype in your costume to help you do this because what they mean to
    the masses has already been imprinted in the minds of your viewers. Use that
    existing imprint to your advantage to create a clearer picture of what your
    costuming reflects (your character).

    • Don’t play the part – be the part.

    This all boils down to
    one thing – body language. When your mind is in sync with the character that
    you need to portrait then your body language changes to present that. Over 60%
    of ALL communication is done through body language.

    As a species we are
    programmed to look for the signs of deceit, danger and uncertainty as a form of
    survival. This is one of the ways that we know someone is being shallow or not
    telling us the truth – that gut instinct that tells us that something is wrong.

    When you focus on the
    ‘acting’ part of playing a character instead of the ‘being’ part your body
    language can easily shift to tell everyone else that ‘you are not who you are
    pretending to be.’ This can be rather easy to do since we actually aren’t who
    we are pretending to be but the key is to get past that.

    I find that one of the
    best ways to get around this is to compare my character to a movie character
    who I find similar to the concept I am role playing. For example if I wanted to
    play a hardened warrior who respects his fellow soldier and is loyal to his
    country then might think of Marcus Aurelius from Gladiator. Then I would try to
    personify that character through myself and ‘be’ as similar in presentation to
    that character as I can.

    Once you are comfortable
    with that you can add other character quirks that suit your character better.
    This will help to complete the transition from your modern self to your
    character. This transformation will show in the way that you walk, gesture,
    stand, or even survey the area – your entire body language transforms with you.

    • Polish your appearance so there is nothing
    to question.

    “It’s the little things
    that count” doesn’t only apply to everlasting relationships with a loved one.
    It’s the little things that will make or break whether or not others believe in
    the presence that you project with your character.

    The foremost little thing
    is your body language but since we already covered that it’s time to get a
    little more specific. Go over every visible inch of yourself and ensure that it
    is precisely the way it should be to BE this character.

    Do you require makeup? If so then ensure that it
    has been touched up to perfection.

    Don’t forget your hair! Hair is often overlooked
    due to time constraints and the fuss involved. Come prepared and be sure to do
    your hair in a way that matches the character’s personality and concept. Put
    clips, ties, or a head-dress on if required but most of all do not ignore it!

    Does your character wear accessories? This can
    include anything such as rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, a
    crown or tiara, sash, henna designs, temporary tattoos, or bells and whistles.
    You don’t need to be limited to the short list shown here – be sure to use your

    Your accessories do not
    have to scream “Look at ME!” They are a way to bring your character’s look to
    completion. If they are present and they suit your character they are often enough
    to clinch the deal so that when someone looks at you they see a complete

    When you do it right
    hardly anyone will notice the work that you have done to make everything
    perfect and often they won’t notice the accessories that you have put on but as
    soon as you fail to do so everyone will notice that something is lacking with
    your costume.

    Although these steps are
    easy to do don’t be discouraged if they take some time. Each character that you
    play has a unique signature look in your mind and it may take some time to
    gather the costume parts, accessories, and other details that best suit your
    character. Even if does take you some time the payoff is well worth it.

    I remember when I started
    playing many years ago, my friend had an excellent costume and had a picture in
    his mind of the character that he was supposed to be playing. Although he had
    never played before – ever – others were quick to assume that he had traveled
    from a nearby game and must have been a powerful character.

    Their assumptions were
    based completely on his excellent in-depth role playing and his impressive
    costuming. They were beside themselves when he told them that it was his first
    LARP experience. Using the same technique that he and many others have used
    throughout history I’m confident you can bring your persona and roleplay to new

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