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    Ambassador Appointment, Warrant of
    Realizing the importance of Diplomacy and Cultural Interaction between Kingdoms, their respective citizens, and their Sovereigns, I (name of King/Queen), do hereby and herewith appoint Our loyal subject (name of recipient) as Royal Ambassador to the Court of the Kingdom of (name of other Kingdom), for the period of Our Reign
    By Our hands and Seal, this (number) day of (month), being the year (year).
    Service award
    Whereas you (name of recipient) have faithfully served the Kingdom of (kingdom Name) through many hours of service to the realm, I (name of King/Queen), do this day grant unto you the (name and level of award). Further, We charge you by this elevation to continue to enrich Our Kingdom through the Service you have so willingly rendered in the past.
    By Our hands, this (number) day of (month), (year) by the Common reckoning.
    Fighting Shield
    Since ancient times Warriors have been recognized. Thus, I (name of King/Queen), wish to recognize Our Subject, (name of recipient), who has displayed considerable prowess in the Art of War, distinguished (himself/herself) in battle, and has shared (his/her) knowledge with others. We are minded to grant (him/her) the (name and level of award).
    Done this is so done on this the (number)th day of (month), (year).
    Arts & Sciences Award
    Youth is a time of energy, creativity and exploration. With this comes the beginning of maturity and the desire to make a name and a place in the world. Our Kingdom has been enriched by your vitality and creativity. We are pleased with your efforts, and at this time it is Our pleasure to bestow upon your (recipient's name) the (name and level of the award). We charge you to continue your good works and know that all in Our Realm share Our pride in your achievement.
    Done this (number) day of (month), (year).
    Noble Title
    In recognition of unique contributions to the Crown and Realm of (Kingdom Name), the rank and privileges of (Title) are bestowed upon (recipient), by the Hand and decree of his/her Royal Majesty (name of King/Queen).
    Done this (number) day of (month), being (year) by the Common Reckoning.
    Companionate of the Bard
    Throughout this land and history, the bards have raised their voices in Praise and Honor of Meridies. They have moved us to laughter and to tears. They have inspired us to war and to peace, and given us memory and ideals of the future. On this day, one voice has risen above all others within the spirit of the Realm. I, (name of King/Queen) name Our subject (recipient) as Kingdom Bard for the duration of Our reign and charge you to sing the glories of Our Realm, to inspire Our people, and to represent (Kingdom Name) to all the Known World.
    Done this (number) day of (month) (year).
    Be it known by all those present that I, (name of Monarch), wishing to recognize (recipient) do hereby bestow the (name of Award) acknowledging well and faithful service to Our Kingdom through assistance and encouragement to those in need.
    Done this (number) day of (month) A.S. (year).
    Grant of Arms
    Version 1:

    RP award
    Whereas, the strength of Our Kingdom lies in her people, those who nurture and instruct Our newer subjects in the Graces, Courtesy, and Chivalry which are the foundation of Society stand high in Our esteem. Therefore in recognition of your unfailing efforts, and patience in making all thus welcome, I (name of Monarch), am pleased to bestow upon (recipient) the Order of the (award Name).
    By Our hands this (number) day of (month), (year).

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