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    How to make a Woodburnt Gameboard


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    How to make a Woodburnt Gameboard Empty How to make a Woodburnt Gameboard

    Post  Admin on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:52 pm

    The most difficult part is finding a suitable piece of wood to turn into a gameboard. I had to special order mine from a hardware store.

    Sand your work surface clean and smooth.

    Then you need to know the design for your gameboard. Once you know what you need, graph it out in pencil on the wood. Leave space for a decorative edge. Draw your decorative bits on in pencil as well.

    Erase any lines you do not want burned in.

    Burn the lines you have drawn upon the wood.

    Now pain or stain to finish the look. You can use wood stain, paint and even food coloring to get the desired results.

    Let it dry. Seal it with a light spray coat of silicon spray to protect it from spills and other disasters. (Be sure to let it dry and the flip and coat the back side too)

    gather up you game pieces and have fun!

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