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    A basic idea for a Swamp Monster


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    A basic idea for a Swamp Monster Empty A basic idea for a Swamp Monster

    Post  Admin on Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:13 pm

    Monster garb is always a challenge. Many people do not wish to invest too much time, effort and funds into monster garb for a Quest because it will only get used once. This is not the proper attitude. Having quest monsters with a wow factor can really improve the game for everyone!

    Monster garb can be made to look good without getting too expensive. For instance if you need a swamp monster... the costume is fun to
    make. All your supplied fabrics and structured garments can be found at garage sales or resale shops.

    • Grey, green or brown long-sleeved shirt
    • old dark green, grey or brown pants
    • Fuzzy slippers (preferably green)
    • Old rags or fabric
    • Old fur fabric
    • Green spray paint
    • Green face paint
    • Green knit hat (or fuzzy green wig)
    • Green gloves
    • Hot glue gun
    • Green yarn (optional)
    • Plastic bugs, snakes, slime and leaves (all optional)

      • Tear the old fabric into long strips. Spray paint them green. Also, paint the fuzzy slippers if they are not already green.

      • Glue the strips onto your pants and shirt. They do not have to be glued on in an orderly fashion, but rather haphazardly and in layers. Cover as much of your clothing as you want.

      • Cut pieces of the green fur
        fabric and glue those onto various strips. This will give your costume
        volume and depth. If you choose to use yarn, cut pieces in differing
        lengths and glue them onto the strips as well.

      • Glue fur, fabric or yarn onto
        the gloves and hat. If you found a fuzzy green wig, you may still want
        to attach fur, fabric or yarn to it so it blends with the rest of your

      • Put on your costume. Apply the
        green face paint all over your face. Put your swamp monster hat or wig
        on. Lastly, wear your gloves for the final touch.

    Tips & Warnings

    • Prepare your
      costume a few days in advance. This will ensure all the paint is dry
      (and doesn't smell) when you wear it. It also gives you more
      than enough time to add any final touches.
    • Some things you may want to add to your costume the night you will wear it are plastic bugs or snakes, green slime and leaves.
    • Not everything has to match. In fact, different shades of green, grey and brown look more realistic.

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