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    Herbal Muscel Rub


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    Herbal Muscel Rub Empty Herbal Muscel Rub

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    There's no need for strong,
    medicinal-smelling creams or prescription muscle relaxers when bay leaf,
    eucalyptus and ginger can do the job.
    Bay leaf offers pain relief, eucalyptus has pain-relieving and
    antiseptic properties, and ginger is a warming herb. A combination of
    the three provides relief from sore muscles, bruises and joint pain.Things You'll Need

    • Mortar and pestle
    • 1 cup fresh bay leaves (or half-cup dried)
    • 1 cup fresh eucalyptus leaves (or half-cup dried)
    • 1 cup fresh grated ginger root (or half cup dried)
    • 1 pint extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, sunflower seed oil or sesame oil
    • 1 pound pure bee's wax
    • Large sauce pan
    • Double boiler
    • Large piece of clean, dry cheesecloth
    • Clean, sterilized cosmetic jars with lids
    • Clean, sterilized cosmetic bottles with lids

      • Mash the herbs with the mortar and pestle until they are mixed well together.

      • Put the oil in the sauce pan
        over low heat. Add the mixed herbs and stir well. Do not let the oil
        come to a boil or burn the herbs--slowly cook over low heat, gently
        stirring, for about an hour.

      • While the oil is warming, put the bee's wax in the double boiler on low heat to slowly melt it.

      • After the crushed herbs have
        cooked down, remove the pan from the heat and let the herbs in the oil
        cool down. After having been off the heat for at least 15 minutes but
        while still warm, strain the oil through clean cheesecloth to remove the
        herbs. The oil and herbs are now separate.

      • Twist the four corners of the
        cheesecloth together and squeeze the herbs tightly over the oil in the
        saucepan. When the essential oils and scents from the herbs have been
        squeezed out as much as possible, discard the herbs.

      • When the oil and bee's wax are cooled off slightly, set half the herbal oil aside and mix the other half into the bee's wax.

      • Pour the oil and bee's wax
        mixture into the cosmetic jars and let them set for about half an hour,
        then put lids on all the jars. Pour the other half of the herbal oil
        into the cosmetic bottles, let them cool completely, then tightly seal
        all the bottles.

      • Label the jars and bottles with
        the date, the words "Herbal Muscle Rub," and any other information you
        might want, such as your name and the ingredients, and store in a cool
        dark place like a cabinet or pantry until use.

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