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    Make an Herbal Lip Balm


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    Make an Herbal Lip Balm Empty Make an Herbal Lip Balm

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    Things You'll Need

    • 1 quart clean, dry glass jar with tight-fitting lid
    • 1 cup fresh or dried herb(s) such as comfrey, plantain, noni fruit or echinacea root (or a combination of herbs)
    • 32 oz. almond or grapeseed oil
    • Strainer
    • Cheescloth or old panty hose
    • 1/4 cup beeswax
    • Glass measuring cup
    • 2 medium pots
    • Spoon
    • Lip balm tubs

    1. Making an herbal oil

      • If you’re using fresh herbs,
        rinse and then dry them thoroughly. Slice them up or crush them and
        place them in a clean glass jar, such as a canning jar with a
        securely-fitting lid. If you're using dried herbs, fill your jar about
        1/3 full.

      • Fill your jar with the oil and cover tightly.

      • Place the jar in a sunny spot for about 10 days. A faster method is to bake it very slowly in your oven at 150 F for about 3 hours, or simply put it in your closed car that is parked in the sun for a full day.

      • Strain your mixture when done and compost the herbs that were in it.

      • Add about 1 tsp. vitamin E oil (available at pharmacies). This acts as a natural preservative and also aids in healing the skin.

    Making lip balm

    • Heat 1 3/4 cups of your herbal oil in a 2-cup glass measuring cup placed in a double boiler.

    • In a separate double boiler,
      heat about ¼ cup of beeswax. When both the oil and the beeswax are hot,
      pour the beeswax into the oil.

    • Be sure to do the “freezer
      test." After combining the oil and wax, dip a spoon into the mixture and
      then put it in your freezer for just one minute. This will quickly
      solidify the blend and will show you the finished consistency. If you
      want it creamier, add more oil. If you want it more firm, add more wax.

    • When you reach the desired consistency, transfer your salve into smaller containers for ease of use and gift giving.

    In general, it is
    preferable to use fresh herbs. But if you have only dried plants, use
    good quality dried herbs that haven't been sitting in your pantry for
    too long. If you use a fresh herb from your garden or from the grocery
    store, make certain that it has not been sprayed with any pesticides or

    • Working
      with hot oil and beeswax can present some minor danger of burns. If you
      are working with children, be sure to supervise the process closely.

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